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André Breton, 42, rue Fontaine..

came across *lots* of Molinier images yesterday at this site, which was a lovely surprise. i think in total there's over 200 large images - then smaller versions of all of these as well. takes quite some time to go through it all, but i think it's worth it. they are all items from Breton's own collection & it's a rare chance to see them.

here are the links:

this one displays all items listed under his name, but if you search for "Molinier" in either "Title" or "Description text" a few more items come up.

i didn't want to hotlink any images from there & steal bandwidth, so instead i've "cleaned up" some favourites from there to show here as a teaser.

for anyone here interested in/with a love for Surrealism (as i have), this site is a treasure chest. sadly, there isn't much by some of my favourite surrealists - Dorothea Tanning, Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varos, & to a lesser extent, Leonor Fini & Meret Oppenheim, but there is a decent amount of images by other surrealists i love, such as Claude Cahun, Max Ernst, Hans Bellmer + some surprises - such as a few pieces by Clovis Trouille, Helen Levitt (which was unexpected), some photos from the Les Abysses film (for those of you who are familiar with Genet's play), Frida Kahlo, & a wonderful sketch of Musidora!

PS: hope the members here like the new look of our community! :)
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Waw, that's so so great

and the paintings! mmm

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Yes yes! Molinier! i went to the library and there i found 1 book from Monsieur Molinier!! my day was blessed then..hihi, and then i showed it to a friend of mine and he told me that i was a pervert and a masochist...hahah...i guess, they just don't get the point. teachers and other students and friends are telling it to me because of the things i make, say and/or read...But that's a stupid reason, there are so many people on earth who are like that...But you just have to know them for not feeling lonely, if you know what i mean.

haha, i think you also have some influences from molinier, i saw two photos made by you on your website with the legs and breasts...they're schöOön :)

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I was born in the winter of 1985

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aha..good to know!
can you recommend me some books maybe?

Young enough, time enough to collect fresh virginsSs and become immortal.

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i hadn't had notification of your replies here, glad you enjoyed the stuff at the site i linked..

not sure what you mean about upgrading the community tools (???) but don't worry - there's no rush,. i'm very busy myself this week too.

good luck with your exhibition! :)

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thanks for posting that :) i realised it was items from Breton's personal collection, & Molinier's work went so cheaply. crazy isn't it!

i really enjoyed Elisa Breton's photos at that site, i had never seen her photos before - well maybe some, but i hadn't realised who they were by, & i certainly hadn't seen many. i realise they were just kind of taking photos of people she knew & who were around her, but they are very good & interesting documents.