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Pierre Molinier

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Matthias Herrmann [13 Nov 2007|04:25am]

"Molinier 2005"

more here: http://www.herrmann-studio.com/
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[21 Mar 2007|03:20am]

Here are some screencaps from a film Molinier starred in, Satan bouche un coin:

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For more screencaps and a review of the film, check out my journal.
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Couple [08 Nov 2006|12:43am]

When it is close and warmly...

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[23 Oct 2006|01:58pm]

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[07 Jun 2006|12:49am]

stumbled across this page while intently researching Satan bouche un coin, which I would DESPERATELY love to see (it's a 12 minute short featuring Pierre Molinier and directed by the great Jean-Pierre Bouyxou). The site has some nice pics that haven't been posted in here before, and a link to a timeline of Molinier's life which includes English text!
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[20 May 2006|02:07pm]

The Flower of The Man

For more Photo you can go to my Deviantart page

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molinier book? [04 Oct 2005|07:08am]


i'm looking to buy a molinier book - i only have a collection of pictures taken from the web - does anyone have any recommendations?

and has anyone been to the paris show? i still might be able to get a cheap flight... :)
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*** [01 Jul 2005|08:54am]

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trans europe express... [01 Jul 2005|08:18am]


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*** [26 May 2005|12:27pm]

i know nothing about this picture...

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*** [26 May 2005|09:02am]

hello one and all:)
i’m a new member of this community, as of this morning.
and here is my opening statement…I hope it wasn’t posted, or at least not recently.

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Question... [17 Jan 2005|01:31pm]

What is this logo that is the community's default icon? I quite like it.

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André Breton, 42, rue Fontaine.. [06 Sep 2004|02:25am]

[ mood | tired ]

came across *lots* of Molinier images yesterday at this site, which was a lovely surprise. i think in total there's over 200 large images - then smaller versions of all of these as well. takes quite some time to go through it all, but i think it's worth it. they are all items from Breton's own collection & it's a rare chance to see them.

here are the links:

this one displays all items listed under his name, but if you search for "Molinier" in either "Title" or "Description text" a few more items come up.

i didn't want to hotlink any images from there & steal bandwidth, so instead i've "cleaned up" some favourites from there to show here as a teaser.

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PS: hope the members here like the new look of our community! :)
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Molinier Cabinet Portfolio [02 Sep 2004|02:56pm]

[ mood | tired ]

the following all from a portfolio published by Cabinet Gallery, 1993, in an edition of 100, printed by Furnival Press, bought from The Cabinet when i went to the accompanying exhibition.

A2 fold-out + details.

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Pierre Molinier [Plug In Editions] [02 Sep 2004|01:57pm]

[ mood | tired ]

the following all from the book Pierre Molinier, Catalogue of an exhibition organized by Wayne Baerwaldt for Plug In Inc & Floating Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada. ISBN: 0-921381-10-7. my scanner isn't working right now, so i took quick photos instead..

my favourite image from the book: Portrait of Hanel Koeck, 1968.

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